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Finalist were selected from 300 contestants to deliver a keynote at INFOCOMM 2000 which was attended by 26,000. The competition was open to members of the National Speakers Association and the Communications Management Association among others. Joe Healey was voted the winner by a panel of journalist.


Press Release

Judging Criteria


Press Release
International Presentations Playoffs® Winner


ANAHEIM, CA., June16, 2000 - Joe Healey of Joe Healey Performance, Inc. of Pittsburgh, PA was awarded the designation of the World's Best Presenter at this year's Presentations Playoffs.

Nine contestants from the United States and Australia went laser-pointer-to-laser-pointer in the second annual International Communications Industries Association, Inc.® (ICIA®) Presentations Playoffs® - a competition to find the world's best presentations and presenters. ICIA's Presentations Designers and Trainers Council, the Communications Management Association and the National Speakers Association sponsored the event.

All Presentations Playoffs finalists were provided an all-expense paid trip to the Anaheim Finals by qualifying in a special elimination tournament held in April.

Each contestant delivered a 15-minute presentation at INFOCOMM in front of three judges on a specially designed presentations sound stage. Presentations Playoffs 2000 finalists were judged on their presentation skills; the credibility of their message; their ability to move the audience; the design and layout of their presentations; creativity; and clarity of the presentation message to the audience.

When the projector bulb faded, ICIA presented Joe Healey with a custom-made crystal Presentations Playoffs 2000 trophy, a check for $2,500, an electronic projector valued at over $4,000, and presentation software and hardware for winning Presentation Playoffs.

ICIA's INFOCOMM International is the world's largest trade show for presentation professionals, dealers, manufacturers, and others serving the audio-video and presentation industry. INFOCOMM featured more than 480 exhibitors covering more than 720,000 square feet. This year's INFOCOMM attracted more than 26,000 attendees June 15-17, 2000 in Anaheim, CA.

NSA is the world's largest organization of professional speakers with over 2000 members. In addition to participation by ICIA's members, speakers from the 2,000 plus membership of NSA were part of the pool of contestants who competed in the Presentations Playoffs®.

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Official Judging Criteria for Presentation
Professionals at Presentations Playoffs® 2000

The Presentations Playoffs Finals judges have been instructed to judge your presentation at INFOCOMM on the following criteria if you are competing in the Presentation Professionals Category:

Delivery Skills: How well the Contestant communicates his or her presentation through verbal and non-verbal communication. Judges will consider speaking skills; voice inflection; posture; and eye contact.

Message Skills: How well the Contestant communicates his or her ideas to the judges. Judges will consider the delivery of the message through the presentation; its believability; and in their judgment, how persuasive the message is to an audience.

Production Skills: How well the Contestant communicates his or her ideas through the design and layout of the slide presentation. Judges will consider background color selection; font selection; use of clip art or other presentation enhancement packages; and use of audio, if any.

Creativity: How well the Contestant communicates his or her ideas through the creative use in design, audio and video.

In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken on the basis of the scores given for the "Message Skills" portion of the personal presentation. If a tie still exists, the further tie will be broken on the basis of the score given for the "Production Skills" category. In no event shall the winners be chosen on the basis of chance.

All decisions by the judges are final.

The Presentations Playoffs 2000 are sponsored by The International Communications Industries Association, Inc. (11242 Waples Mill Road; Suite 200; Fairfax, V A 22030; 1-800-659-7469 ext. 304; and The National Speakers Association (1500 South Priest Drive; Tempe, AZ 85281; 480-968-2552;

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