"Joe is a pioneer and renaissance man who's content is filled with distilled wisdom."

Sue Shellenbarger ,Journalist, Wall Street Journal

"They were ecstatic and want you back...everything about you they loved..."

Jim Mussatti & Gina Rizo, Meeting Planner, Floral Glass, Inc.

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I was extremely impressed with your professionalism and expertise. Your presentation was dynamic, motivational and provided practical tips on how our executives could be great leaders in growth within our industry.

Stan Brown, Vice President, China, Vietnam, The Philippines, Malaysia & Korea, Marriott International

"Joe Healey is one of the best investments, both in time and money that we have ever made."

Pam Nelson - CEO, CCG Systems, Inc

Wow!  What a powerful and moving message...Your ability to capture and impact an audience is nothing less than outstanding. Your material was cutting edge combined with an incredibly passionate delivery. There is no doubt in my mind your presentation added significant value for all
that were present.

Joe Croce, Founder of CiCi Pizza, Inc.

"Big hit! Glowing...this audience likes to have a good time and included some no-nonsense CEOs and company leaders, as well as highly trained engineers and tough sell, results oriented marketing folks.. You managed to deliver both an important message of substance that gave them take-home ideas and also make it an engaging, enjoyable session."

Robert R. Willis, Senior Manager, Conventions & Meetings, The Adhesive and Sealant Council

Your energy and humor kept us at the edge of our seats even though it was after an open-bar and before dinner on a beautiful veranda over-looking Puerto Rico and the Caribbean...Everyone left with ideas & much fulfillment that they were able to clearly implement into their everyday lives.


Matt Bartel, Assistant Director, American Legal & Financial Association


"...you had a great impact on our team. Your energy was contagious, and your real-life stories brought your insights home. As the meeting planner, I also appreciated the

great interest you took in learning about our organization...to really personalize the message..."

Lisa Petrauskas, HR Manager, Rush-Copley Medical Center

"Thank you so much for everything...initially in the session, but now advising Doug (President) on how to impact morale and the culture to further business growth...Your insights are validated, thought-provoking and actionable..."

Sheri Hottinger, Meeting Planner, Sam's Club (Wal-Mart subsidiary)

"...Outstanding...Our managers left the presentation with new leadership tools..."  

Scott T. Pardon, Vice President, Manager Retail Operations, TCF Bank

We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation as it was filled with insightful advice based on your real world experience and humorous as well.  Everyone had to have gotten something from it. 

Jeff Gorden - CFO, Big Apple Bagel Franchise, Inc

Joe Healey is an obvious professional. His style and wit brought the topics into a very understandable format. The most valuable talk I've attended in years.

Tom Porter, President, Porter's Midwest Uniform Center Inc.

Very rarely has a session I've attended met my expectations. This exceeded them by a landslide and was well worth the time and money.

Philip Catron, President/CEO, Naturalawn of America Inc.

...Fabulous. A very dynamic speaker. Genuinely interested in our well being and growth as people. Just two days before I had the privilege of listening to Dr. Steven Covey in Richmond. The day after I had the honor of listening to Ronald Reagan in Indianapolis. I must say that Mr. Healey's talk was just as important to me...

Andrew Kvasnicka, Project Engineer, Allied Signal

...Thanks again for everything you have done from prep for the 10-18 keynote to discussions with Doug (President) and I to the detailed analysis from the culture interviews. You are an enormous talent and you give great insight to organizations such as ours. It was great to work with you and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Sheri Hottinger, Sam's Club/Wal-Mart

During the course of a week I listen to presentations by hospital administrators, CEO's, CFO's, VP's, and Joe Healey ranks among the best I have heard.

Anthony Corrad, AMGEN

...outstanding...you really spoke our language and connected...Your inspirational presentation skills teamed with tangible "how-to's helped to drive results during our critical 3rd and 4th quarters. The quality of your presentation will live with us for a long time to come.

Steven Krajenka, Gap Midwest Zone VP

We were looking for a keynote speaker who could be entertaining and still deliver substance. I can easily say without reservation that you exceeded our expectations...

Tom Garnett, Meeting Planner, TimeLife

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for speaking at the 22nd annual conference. Your program was extremely informative...I would highly recommend the presentation to anyone...I hope to take advantage of your talents once again.

Brian Tayloe, Director, National Council for Prescription Drug Programs, Inc.

"Joe is a high energy motivator who imparts volumes of material in an interesting, concise and applicable manner. I felt he'd "walked in my shoes." It was empowering."

Joan Sprenger, Executive Director, March of Dimes

...yesterday was very successful, everyone enjoyed Joe Healey. Joe was actually incredible and provided tools for the supervisors to go back and use in their daily life...

Lisa Miles, Human Resources Manager, Connecticut Water Company

I want to personally thank you for your informative, thought provoking, and inspirational workshop that you gave at Connecticut Water. I feel you have hit a lot of hot spots that we must consider as we move into 2006 and beyond. I definitely will try to implement many of the strategies and attitudes that you presented. ..

Phil Prior, Director of IT, Connecticut Water Company

Joe Healey is a superb presenter! His knowledge...is outstanding in every respect.

John R. Ramsey, Human Resources Program Assistant, US Army

I wanted to express my thanks for your outstanding presentation... The response by those who attended was extremely positive both in regards to the content, as well as to you... The employees unable to attend have expressed their disappointment and have requested the program be repeated. I have also been approached to invite you back for any other appropriate topics.

Kathleen P. Malone, RN, BSN, MS, CHES Continuing Education Coordinator, Deborah Heart & Lung Center

Joe not only showed us the door--he showed us the path to take to go through it... We'll start practicing tonight.

Judith Chewront, Executive Secretary, VABDC

The comments I have received were outstanding. I would not hesitate asking that Mr. Healey be a speaker for us... He is a very dedicated and talented individual.

Mildred Schwartz, Human Resources, New Jersey Economic Development Authority

I want to tell you how pleased I was with the session...truly met my expectations...tailored to the needs of NCDF staff. Joe was able to translate key concepts into easily managed "packages" to make it easy to practice and remember. In sum, it was great! I would do it every year as a refresher...

Therese Kelly, Executive Director, Newton Community Development Foundation

..one of the most rewarding training opportunities that I have taken advantage of in years...will be of tremendous help in our careers. I can truthfully say that Mr. Healey is one of the most effective...leaders that I have had the privilege to sit under. His presentation was interesting, well developed, and powerful. His command of the subject material was impressive, and it is remarkable that so much information can be shared, and so much learned, in one day.

Anthony Fiore, Branch Chief, Customer Services Branch, U.S. General Services Administration, Federal Telecommunications Service

This was the most well spent day I've had in my almost 20 year career. I learned more...than I had in six months.

Joanellen Beninato, Clinical Resource Coordinator, Jefferson Hospital

An excellent speaker who kept everyone's interest throughout the conference...he clearly knows what he talks about and exudes wisdom one would be well-advised to learn from.

I liked most his personalized stories. I look forward to coming back to hear him speak again...

John D. Groh, Nurse Manager-ICU, Frankford Hospital

The speaker was tremendously impressive due to his knowledge of the business world, his past experiences, and the energy and enthusiasm with which he delivered. Fantastic!

Dale Zorres, Operations Manager, Warner Cable

Joe Healey is the most exciting...presenter I've ever experienced. He took what can be deadly material and made it exciting and interesting.

Jo Ann Swahn, Vice President Corporate Marketing, Dolce International

...this far and away is the best...I've been to. Mr. Healey is an outstanding speaker and more importantly teacher. Thank you .

Kim Hafley, Director of Client Relations, Frasier Trebilcock

I felt he really practices all the things he's been teaching. Thank you, Joe--that was excellent.

Wendy Hudson, Advertising Project Coordinator, Christianity Today, Inc.

Joe is extremely effective in pace, keeping the subject interesting, and applying concepts to the individual.

Anne Walker, Director, Cumberland Office on Youth

I found the speaker so interesting I had a hard time leaving the room.

Nancy Bradshaw, GE Capital Realty Group

That my life has changed from this day on. Thank you Joe Healey.

Marcia Fletcher, Association for the Help of Retarded Children

It is so refreshing to have a speaker who's life values & goals are as solid as this man's are: He lives what he is teaching.

Kirk D. Eschilman, Waybe Claassen Engineering

Joe is exceptionally able to engage a large crowd; A+ as a communicator with high energy, warmth, effective use of visual aids, humor, and personal experience.

Elaine M. Noehring, Professor, Barry University

...every feature of the presentation directly related to my job.

Deborah Baron, Research/Project Leader, Records Management Services

The speaker gave a comprehensive overview in a short time. His enthusiasm and knowledge were extraordinary. Extremely worthwhile.

Paula Knerr, Dollar Bank

The presenter was...authentic, highly knowledgeable... Plus, Joe's commitment to being enthused and connected and keeping the entertainment level HIGH was TOP NOTCH.

C. Lesher, Executive Director, Trace Educational Services

...will enhance my career today, tomorrow and in the future. The most dynamic...I have attended. Great presentation!

Donna Kipp, Shawnee County Health Department

Joe is a dynamic speaker. He keeps his audience alive...All of our minds became sponges... absorbing everything important... He is a well prepared, organized speaker.

Tammie Horsfield, President, Sussex County Chamber of Commerce

Joe had a lot of great ideas and I am looking forward to using them...I really believe I have the solutions to be more effective--thanks to Joe.

Pam Hartings, Asst. Vice President, Huntington Bank

Great presentation in a clear, concise manner. An upper with concrete tools to take into my work arena.

Sharon L. Paton, Executive Director, Women in Transition

This presenter is more than excellent. Truly the absolute best in knowledge and presentation. His energy level is everything it should be. Every portion was perfect--I have been opened up so much.

Roz Kujovsky, Lebanon Valley College

Joe is a DYNAMIC SPEAKER! Excellent in all respects–Quite literally the best...I've ever attended!

Martha Bucksburg, Co-Owner, Commercial Audio Systems, Inc

Your "drop in" kick off had such an impact on our day.  It is amazing to watch you spin your web of information until it wraps everyone together.  Our day was certainly influenced by your words, stories, and conjured images.  You were frequently quoted all through the week... Thank  you for sharing your gifts!

Lisa Miller  ... and all of CCG

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