Joe's Bio Follows Comments on His Keynotes:

Thank you so much for everything...initially in the session, but now advising Doug (President) on how to impact morale and the culture to further business growth...Your insights are validated, thought-provoking and actionable..."

Sheri Hottinger, Meeting Planner,
Sam's Club (Wal-Mart subsidiary)


Zone VP--GAP: "Your inspirational presentation teamed with tangible 'how-to's' helped to drive results during our critical 3rd and 4th quarters of 2004. Our comp sales out paced the balance of the Company's during this period."

CEO--CCG Systems: "Our company's association with Joe Healey is one of the best investments, both in time and money that we have ever made."

Director: PA CPA Association: "The evaluations indicate your conference as one of our best"

Joe's Short Bio:

Wall Street Journal--journalist, Sue Shellenbarger, called Joe "a pioneer and renaissance man whose content is filled with distilled wisdom." And she wrote about Joe in a feature story.

Joe is currently CEO of a 30-year old technology company. He was also a banker and entrepreneur.

He is an author, consultant and executive coach who twice was asked by his clients to lead their company. And in accepting the role of CEO for one and General Manager for the other successfully led them to new levels of success.

He has shared his insights with world-class organizations (See: Speaking Client List).

The ideas Joe will share are rooted in real leadership experience and a personal life that shows he walks his talk. For example, he, and his family of five generated a life-changing experience by moving into a motorhome and traveled the country for 18 months.

Joe's In-depth Bio:

Joe's life and work were featured in the Wall Street Journal.Wall Street Journal writer, Sue Shellenbarger, called Joe Healey a "pioneer and renaissance man whose content is filled with distilled wisdom." His coaching/consulting advice was so beneficial that clients twice asked Joe to switch from being their consultant/coach to running the company by becoming their CEO or General Manager.

Joe is currently in his seventh year of turning around a 30 plus year old technology company. Under Joe's leadership this employee owned company went from stagnation to launching a new product line, and record year over year growth for five years running. His management team achieved this by engaging employees to focus on investing in real customer needs and revamped service and product quality. This was all done in the midst of the 2008 to 2012 economic crisis.

Joe is the author of "Radical Trust: How Today's Great Leaders Convert People to Partners" (NY: John Wiley & Sons, 2007). His speaking style is as on-fire as his change-management style. Journalists voted Joe the "2000 World's Best Presenter" at a unique international competition. His story telling ability on stage and in the boardroom brings his actionable ideas to life for audiences. 

The turn around of this recent company not only fueled success with customers and profits, but enabled this employee owned company to fund its ESOP retirement plan at record levels to insure that this company will be around for years to serve its customers. This same sincere passion Joe has for success in business and personal realms translates to audiences with an inspiring speaking style full of amazing experience-based stories. 

In his early years Joe worked in the trenches as an entrepreneur and with Fortune 500-companies as a banker. Over the past 20-years as an expert on leadership and change Joe has spoken at conferences and companies on four continents and all 50 US States.

His story-telling is woven from a fabric that includes vast business experience and a unique personal life which includes his role as a devoted husband and father. One of his adventures includes Joe, his wife Jill, and their three children settling into a customized motorhome for 18-months of exploring. They traveled, schooled, and discovered together venturing through 44 states and into Mexico and Canada.

Joe lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with his family.

More Results Prompted by Joe:

President: Maritz: "Joe introduced our leaders to a set of practical leadership tools that promoted self empowerment and management applications aimed at helping our organization maintain that high-level of performance."

CEO--Busch Inc.: "As a result of that work we also hired you to speak at our international general manager's meeting which hosted the 39-Country Managers...Your presentation skills are exceptional...I recommend you as a speaker to anyone interested in providing down to earth practical management and leadership insights and as a one on one coach to help develop key managers."

VP HR--Tetco: "You exceeded our expectations...we had very high expectations...A lot was riding on us proving that the dollars spent investing in these sessions would yield a high return. You clearly customized the material to our needs and insured that it would provide relevant take-home value."

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