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In 2008 Joe became CEO of CCG Systems, Inc. (CCG) the parent of FASTER Asset Solutions (FASTER). Later that year he became the Trustee of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) which owns CCG. And in 2009 Joe also became Chairman of the Board of CCG.

Joe led CCG and FASTER through a turn-around and then an extended period of growth. During this time the company's stock value rose from $3 per share to over $550 per share. In 2019, the Company began consideration to mitigate Joe's departure to focus on other pursuits. The Board decided that CCG's significant growth and profitability combined with record high corporate M&A prices indicated that a sale of FASTER would avoid succession risk and maximize Participant stock value. A Silicon Valley investment bank was engaged to conduct a competitive sale process.

The resulting competitive bid process yielded a premium price to sell FASTER to Transit Technologies in December of 2019. This generated significant wealth for all current and former employees who were ESOP Participants. All Participants voted affirmatively for the sale transaction and all employees continued post sale in their roles.

In February of 2020 Joe retired from day to day operations at FASTER. He continues part-time as CEO of CCG and as Trustee of the ESOP overseeing the distribution of sale proceeds to Participants which is expected to conclude in early 2022.

FASTER Asset Solutions is a technology company founded in 1982. Its enterprise fleet management information systems are used to manage a broad array of assets (public safety vehicles, refuse, construction, white sedans, etc.). FASTER is the largest provider of enterprise fleet management information systems to Municipal Government in North America. FASTER competes with technology companies such as SAP, IBM and many asset and fleet management systems.

Prior to Joe's roles with CCG he was a consultant for twenty years. His work evolved to provide primarily executive coaching and keynote speeches at large corporate and association gatherings on the topic of leadership, change and building trust. Joe was initially engaged in 2003 by CCG to provide a speech on leadership and change at their annual customer conference. From 2004 to 2008 the company engaged Joe as an executive coach to prepare for management succession.

The successful turn-around orchestrated at CCG incorporated principles identified in: "Radical Trust: How Today's Great Leaders Convert People to Partners" (NY: John Wiley & Sons, 2007). Joe authored this book on leadership and building trust just prior to taking on his roles at CCG.

While Joe's work has been in the secular world of business, he has worked to serve employees and customers in the knowledge that he is a vessel of God called to serve people. And while the book is by no means a religious book, the principles in the book follow Jesus' teaching.

An interesting aspect of Joe's life was that he, his wife Jill, and three children (Joe, Jen and Josh) toured the country for 18 months in a motor home when the kids were 10, 7 and 6. They toured 44 states and the unique journey was featured in the Wall Street Journal.

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Sample Testimonials:

Walmart Meeting Planner: Thank you so much for everything...initially in the session, but now advising Doug ((current Walmart CEO) on how to impact morale and the culture to further business growth...Your insights are validated, thought-provoking and actionable..."

GAP Zone VP: "Your inspirational presentation teamed with tangible 'how-to's' helped to drive results during our critical 3rd and 4th quarters of 2004. Our comp sales out paced the balance of the Company's during this period."

CCG Systems CEO: "Our company's association with Joe Healey is one of the best investments, both in time and money that we have ever made."

PA CPA Association Director: "The evaluations indicate your conference as one of our best"

Maritz President: "Joe introduced our leaders to a set of practical leadership tools that promoted self-empowerment and management applications aimed at helping our organization maintain that high-level of performance."

Busch Inc. CEO: " a result of that work we also hired you to speak at our international general manager's meeting which hosted the 39-Country Managers...Your presentation skills are exceptional...I recommend you as a speaker to anyone interested in providing down to earth practical management and leadership insights and as a one on one coach to help develop key managers."

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